Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Japanese Passion Fruit Kit Kats

Fruit-based Kit Kat flavors are very popular in Japan, and they always turn out pretty accurately, in my opinion.  This Passion Fruit Kit Kat was purchased by my mom a while back on a trip to Japan, and while I can't really say I eat real passion fruit regularly, it seemed like a fun one to try out.

That being said, if you told me this was a different tropical fruit, I probably would've believed you, haha.  The white chocolate was a nice base for the strong fruit smell and flavor, and I think their regular chocolate would've covered that up too much.  The Kit Kats themselves were a very pretty pale yellow color which was fun too.  In the middle of the bag, it says "Grown Up Sweetness", which is very true - it wasn't overly sweet, more of a sweet/tart mix that adults would probably appreciate more so than little kids.  I'm happy I got to try this one! 

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