Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bath and Body Works- Fall Hand Soaps

I love Bath and Body Works candles and hand soaps pretty much year-round, but fall is really when they have SO many different scents that I love.  Not surprising, since their fall lineup consists mainly of pumpkin and apple products, which are always a welcome addition to my apartment.  The hand soaps especially go on sale fairly regularly (currently these are 5/$18) so it's a great way to try out some new scents.

These four bottles above are just a few of the new fall scents, and I love that there's a good mix of past favorites and some new ones as well.  The labels are also super cute, and they're a big part of how I celebrate my love of fall, haha.  If you're also a fan of fall scents, be sure to pick some up soon so you are all set for the fall season in your home as well! 

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