Friday, August 21, 2015

Skoshbox - Glico Box

It's no secret that I love Japanese snacks and candies, and I also love trying out new and different products that come out.  While the crazy flavored Kit Kats might be the most well-known Japanese snacks, there are lots of other fun and delicious items that come out every day.  So when I heard about the Skoshbox subscription box recently, I thought it was a great way to get a sampling of Japanese snacks, especially ones that I might not be able to obtain in stores by me.

The Skoshbox comes in two sizes - the one I got (above) is the sample sized Skoshbox, and there's also a larger Dekabox that has more full sized items in addition to the other items.  You can choose from a single box, 6-month subscription, or a 12-month subscription for both types of boxes.  

The box that I got was a special Glico collaboration, which was really fun because I love Glico products.  Their most famous product is Pocky, which I think is sold all over the world these days.  The box came with a nice variety of chocolate, flavored chocolate, biscuits, and even two savory items - the tall boxes contain Sweet Corn and Tom Yum soup flavored biscuit sticks!  Of course I also loved the Glico stickers that came in the box as well, which were a cute bonus to the box.  I am looking forward to seeing what comes in my next box in September! 

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