Thursday, July 21, 2011

ATL Visit - Brunchalicious!

Mmm, brunch!  I'm not normally a big "breakfast foods" person (aka, I don't love eggs), but it's slowly starting to grow on me.  Of course, the great thing about brunch is that you can get breakfast, lunch, or a little of both!

Our first brunch spot was Murphy's in the cute Virginia Highlands area.

I really liked the look of this restaurant right from the start- lots of bright, open space, a bakery right when you walk in, and cute patio seating, which is where we sat for brunch. 

Starting things off with a biscuit and a mini muffin, mmm.

D went with the Eggs Virginia Highland: spinach, mushrooms, poached eggs on focaccia, sundried tomato hollandaise.  Also, a side of grits, I believe.  I love that they used foccacia bread on this, a great bread to soak up the egg yolk and  hollandaise!

I'm pretty sure that A's dish was the Eggs T. Murphy: poached eggs, honey cured ham on english muffin, hollandaise.  Sorry, I can't remember for sure but it seems like that's what it is.  If it doesn't look like a "normal" eggs benedict to you, that may be because the hollandaise is on the side, haha.  Update: This was the corned beef hash, haha.

I went with the Eggs Slum Mulligan: poached eggs, potato hash, bacon, cheddar cheese.  And yes I mainly picked it for its name, just thought it was funny, haha.  This dish was ENORMOUS.  Even after eating as much as I could, it looked like a full plate of food.  The potatoes were crispy and delicious, I couldn't stop eating just the potatoes for a while, haha. 

Another brunch spot that we tried out was Einstein's - not to be confused with Einstein Bagels, which is a perfectly fine establishment but not really worth traveling all the way to Atlanta for, haha.

We got a yummy bread basket filled with what we thought was banana bread and pumpkin bread - reallly really hard to not fill up on the bread here!

I started off with a Summer Wedge Salad: sweet corn, citrus beets, sunflower seeds, baconbleu cheese vinaigrette.  I really enjoyed the charred corn and the crunch of the sunflower seeds especially in this salad. 

Being that it was my last full meal in Atlanta, I went all out with the Shrimp and Grits: French beans, patak sausage, pepper jack.  This was really delicious!  Not at all gritty or anything - the crunch of the French beans went really well with the smooth grits.  And the shrimp were really tasty- I'm so glad I ordered this!

A went with the Spinach feta omlette and got the side of creamed corn hush puppies so that I could try them- thanks!! Unfortunately we didn't find these as good as we had hoped - they were sorta mushy and didn't have a crispy coating on the outside like we had expected. 

Overall the brunches in Atlanta are a good mix of Southern classics and Brunch staples- a great combination if you ask me!

997 Virginia Avenue NE404.872.0904
Atlanta, GA 30306

1077 Juniper Street
Atlanta, GA 30309


  1. LOVED Virginia Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta. So many great restaurants and stores.

    I really like how your dish got served in a cast iron skillet: homey!

  2. Your photos are so good they are making me hungry!

  3. This brunch looks amazing and never-ending! Wow. I'm not a huge breakfast person, but I think this looks amazing.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. @Olga: It's a great area!

    @Maris: It was all great!

    @Mary Jo: It was a great combo of food!

  5. It was corned beef hash ...or as my brothers used to call me growing up corned beef ash good!

  6. @Ashley: Thanks for the correction! Corned beef ash hahaha