Friday, July 8, 2011

Love, Love, Love: Madden Girl Sookie Glitter Pump @ DSW

Photo courtesy of DSW

Looooooooooooooving these Madden Girl Sookie Glitter Pumps, which are currently available at DSW.  Let me count the ways:

- As you may already know I love the Madden Girl brand and own approximately 29387492374932743 pairs of shoes by that brand.
- They are sold at DSW, meaning they are cheaper, and I can use DSW gift certificates towards them.
- Platform front = my BFF.
- GLITTER. And not in the horrific Mariah Carey movie sort of way.
- Adjustable heel straps are always a welcome detail.

All in all, a fabulous pair of shoes - I just need a reason to get them!  And no, I don't think I can convince myself (or my company) that these would be good work shoes, haha.


  1. They are gorgeous but I am pretty sure I couldn't walk in them!

  2. These looks like perfect girls night out shoes! ;)

  3. I have these and they're sooo much prettier in person. They do, however, sort of hurt, or maybe I needed to drink more :)

  4. Hot dayum! Surprised that they're even prettier in person, but not surprised that they hurt. The price we pay for beauty ;).

  5. @Shannon: That'd be awesome!

    @Maris: Haha that's what I'm worried about!

    @SNC: I know!!

    @Michelle: Drink more. haha!

    @City Girl: I know right, the pretty ones are always a pain, haha.

  6. @Simply Life: So fun right?