Thursday, July 7, 2011

Martha Stewart's Magic Blondies

Sometimes it's nice to bake without a real plan going into it - I've had a good run with the Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook, and figured I'd flip through it to see what I could make based on what I had on hand.  This time around, I found that I had a bunch of random mix-ins in my kitchen cupboards - a small bag of walnuts, 1/2 a bag of mini marshmallows, some peanut butter chips, to name a few.   

Enter: Martha Stewart's Magic Blondies recipe.  As you can see based on my photo above and the original recipe, I swapped out a number of items.  But that's the beauty of a recipe like this one - with so many ingredients involved, it's easy to swap one ingredient for another, based on your personal preferences and what you have on hand that day.   

The finished product is by no means fancy-looking, but really delicious!  I especially loved how the mini marshmallows on top got toasted a lovely golden color.  The base of these blondies was super vanilla-y and delicious on its own, but was enhanced by the texture and flavor of the other mix-ins.  I also liked the idea of baking these in individual cups - they were super easy to transport to work, and people can just grab one vs. needing a knife to cut off pieces.  This is a great recipe that can be adjusted to all different types of flavor preferences!


  1. Yummy! =) I love your idea of putting them in individual cups.

  2. How fun! And they look realty good too!

  3. These look great! Love the idea of baking them in a muffin pan. xoxo

  4. Thanks everyone! I hope you all try out the recipe sometime, it's v. easy and delicious!