Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ATL Visit - Tasty Foods, Part 2

And here we have MORE FOOD from my visit to Atlanta, haha!

We tried out the fried chicken at the Colonnade, which appears to be a real-deal Atlanta institution of sorts.  The inside of the restaurant seemed completely unchanged in MANY years... as you might imagine, we were probably one of the youngest groups of diners there that night. 

As you can see, the restaurant serves up old-school size portions as well- haha.  


We got the sweet potato souffle and the celery dressing as our sides mainly because there were about 50 side options and we couldn't decide, so we went with the wild cards.  The fried chicken was piping hot when it hit our table, but as we were eating it we noticed that it was not greasy at all, as you might expect fried chicken to be.  I was downright confused that eating this chicken didn't mean having to wipe my hands on my napkin every 5 seconds.  This chicken was really good, and wasn't a gut-buster like fried chicken tends to be. 

Ok so Pinkberry isn't exactly Atlanta-specific, but I love it so of course I'm going to go if we're by one, haha.  I got the mini cup of Original froyo with honey, strawberries, and almond slivers.

As if all of this wasn't enough over the course of my visit, we of course had to stop in Cafe Intermezzo for some decadent desserts!  We picked up two cakes, which took a while since we literally could not decide from the bazillion cakes and cheesecakes they had out on display, haha.  Soooooooo rich and so good!

The Colonnade
1879 Chesire Bridge Road
Atlanta, GA 30324


  1. It all lookds so great. I would love that sweet potato souffle.

  2. Those cakessssss...totally going there this weekend!

  3. @Maris: It was tasty!

    @Ashley: Yummm enjoy!