Friday, July 29, 2011

Shake Shack DC - 4th of July Foods

I'm not normally a corn dog type of gal, but tell me something is "limited edition" and I will all over that like a bad habit.  Shake Shack only sells these bad boys on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day (I think?), so the only time to catch them is a few select days a year.  

These are dipped and fried to order, so expect to wait a little bit to bite into this corn dog, unless you're looking for a nice char on your tongue for the day, haha.  The outer coating was thinner than I expected but pretty good.  The hot dog (Vienna beef) was pretty salty which got sort of gross after a while.  The corn relish on the side was really tasty, I wish we had more of that.  Although it's sort of hard to imagine eating the relish on the corn dog, given the rough texture of the corn relish - it doesn't exactly stick to things well like mustard or ketchup would.  I happily ate it on the side though. 

I also enjoyed a small cup of that day's custard, Chocolate chip cookie dough.  It came complete with a flag cone - actually I don't know if it was just for 4th of July weekend or their cones are always that way, haha. 

Overall, it definitely felt like summer when I was eating these, and patriotic thanks to the cone wrapper.  I'm glad I got a chance to try the oft-mentioned Shake Shack corn dog!


  1. Chocolate chip cookie dough custard! I am all for that! Yum!

  2. @Maris: Always a good flavor!