Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - Marble Brownie Fudge Cupcake

I always love when there's a brand new flavor at Georgetown Cupcake! During July this Marble Brownie Fudge cupcake was available: "A Valrhona chocolate and cream cheese marble brownie cupcake topped with a dark fudge frosting and a fondant flower".  Interestingly enough, the frosting on the website doesn't seem to be the frosting on the one I got, which was more of a fluffy milk chocolate frosting.  No complaints here though, this was delicious haha.

The chocolate and cream cheese cupcake portion (above) was a great combination of dense chocolate and creamy cheesecake.  This cupcake was fantastic and I really hope I catch it on a "secret free flavor" day again soon!