Friday, August 3, 2012

Woodberry Kitchen Brunch

Back in July, N, J, and I ventured up to Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore for brunch.  We had talked about going for brunch for some time, and luckily found a morning that worked for all of us!


We started off with some necessary caffeine, and shared the Morning Flatbread (BBQ pork shoulder, potato, Hawks Hill cheddar, farm egg) - this was really delicious, with tender pork, crispy potato bits, and bits of egg to round things out.  I especially loved how the potato came as a shredded hash, which made for lots of crispy potato pieces throughout the flatbread.

There were tons of delicious-sounding options on the brunch menu, but I finally just went with my initial choice of the Tilghman Island Soft Shell Crabs (Pullman toast, tarragon mayonnaise, cherry tomato, cucumber).  I'm a HUGE fan of soft shell crab, and I always regret not having more of it within its relatively short season.  This dish featured two tasty crabs, with a big pile of summer vegetables underneath.


One menu item I was absolutely sure of before even going was the CMP (Malt ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, wet peanuts), which you'll see on the right in this photo.  On the left is the day's special sundae, which I believe had a mint chocolate component and some toffee or brittle on top?  The CMP was really interesting because the top marshmallow layer is bruleed, meaning my spoon cracked the top of the sundae when I went to take my first bite, haha.  I loved the peanuts and the marshmallow fluff components the most about this sundae.  One not-so-great part of dessert was that both sundaes seemed to be pretty melted by the time they got to us, so after a few bites we found ourselves basically spooning in melted ice cream soup for the most part. 

Overall, this meal was fantastic and it was a really lovely brunch with two lovely ladies!  I am definitely looking forward to coming here again for dinner, or another brunch, for sure.

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Road
No. 126
Baltimore, MD 21211
410.464.8000 // On OpenTable