Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seattle Visit - Fuji Bakery

During my recent visit, I was especially excited to try Fuji Bakery in Seattle - Japanese bakeries always have so many fun menu items and I usually want to eat one of everything, haha.  

The store was small but packed with lots of different breads - above is just a small portion of all of the racks at the front of the store.

I tried - from front to back : Spicy Curry-pan, Cream-pan, and the Brioche Japon, aka The Main Reason I wanted to come here.  You see, just before my visit I read this Serious Eats post about 10 pastries in Seattle, and as soon as I saw the Brioche Japon I was dead-set on going.  As luck would have it, there is one (Bellevue) near my parents' house that they already frequent, haha.

Here we have a cross-section of the Brioche Japon.  It's actually quite small in person, maybe about 1/2 the size of a Rubik's cube or so.  It's packed with lots of sweet azuki bean paste and a small but tasty swipe of raspberry puree as well.  I'm so glad I got to try this!  The spicy curry-pan and cream-pan were also delicious.  Japanese breads and pastries always manage to have this balance of being really flavorful but also really light/delicate, so good!

My parents also had a few matcha azuki buns that I took home with me - these were delicious as well!  The green tea flavor was strong and it went so well with the sweet bean paste.

Unfortunately, Fuji Bakery is currently closed for renovations but is supposed to re-open in the fall of this year.  Which works out well for me, since I'll be back for Thanksgiving, haha!

Fuji Bakery - Bellevue
1502 145th Place SE
Bellevue, WA 98007


  1. Look yummy! I love that you did your research prior to going...hehe. ;)

  2. Oh this place looks yummy! I will have to remember to visit next time I go to Seattle