Monday, August 13, 2012

Graffiato - Sweet Corn Agnolotti + Blue Crab Fettuccini

If you ask a bunch of Graffiato fans what dishes they would recommend in the summer, I bet the Sweet Corn Agnolotti would come up at least 90% of the time, haha.  The end of June marked the return of this popular dish, and as soon as I saw it posted on Twitter, I knew I had to make a reservation ASAP.

N and I both really enjoyed the sweet corn Agnolotti - I could definitely see what all the hype was about with this dish.  It was creamy yet light, with a punch of corn that was sweet, but not cloying.  I was also excited to see a crab dish on the menu - Fettuccini with blue crab, prosciutto, and leeks.  I was hoping that this pasta dish would be delicious as well, but it wound up being really salty.  And I enjoy my salt, and even I couldn't get over how salty it tasted.  The chunks of crab were still tasty, and the saltiness did offset the sweetness of the Agnolotti, so that was somewhat of a positive twist on things, haha.

Graffiato remains one of my favorite restaurants to frequent in DC, and I love that they offer many seasonal dishes.  It certainly makes going at different times of the year a lot more interesting!

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