Monday, January 26, 2015

Georgetown Cupcake - Snowy Vanilla and Buttercream Cupcake

This Snowy Vanilla and Buttercream cupcake is a perfect little treat for these snowy winter days that are common around here this time of year.  The vanilla cake base is topped with a generous swirl of vanilla buttercream frosting, "snow" sprinkles and a blue fondant snowflake.  This cupcake was available during the holidays, and I hope that they have it as a free secret flavor sometime this winter!

If you're a fan of Georgetown Cupcake's Vanilla Squared cupcake, you will definitely love this one too.  The buttercream frosting is rich but not too cloying, for those of you that feel like buttercream is always too thick.  This is the perfect wintertime treat to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate!

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