Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shake Shack - Gingerbread Custard

Yes, I am well aware that it is January, but I had to get this post up mostly because I LOVE the Shake Shack holiday to-go bags they had over the holidays, haha.  

This is the Gingerbread custard that was available at the end of last year, and it was a nice festive way to celebrate the holidays.  It was a LOT more ginger-y than I had anticipated - to be honest I assumed it was going to be crushed gingerbread cookies mixed in, and not an actual spiced gingerbread flavor throughout.  I probably would've preferred the cookies, mostly for the texture, but I definitely can't fault Shake Shack for creating a very true-to-form flavor.  I know 2015 just started, but I already can't wait to see what the holiday flavors and bag design are this year! 

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