Monday, January 12, 2015

Shake Shack - Shacktoberfest

A little late in posting this, but it's too good to not share haha.  Shake Shack's Shacktoberfest is always a fun time for brats n' beers fans alike.  I love the idea of an Oktoberfest-themed Shake Shack menu, so I always make it a point to go at least once while it's going on.  This past October, they had a pretty fantastic lineup, including some newer menu items.

On this visit I tried out the Bacon Cheddar Brat: Griddled bacon cheddar-stuffed bratwurst ($4.95) and Apfelstrudel Shake: Vanilla frozen custard hand-spun with apples, caramel and spices ($5.75).  

The Bacon Cheddar Brat was delicious - as you can see, the bratwurst is split and griddles, which adds a lot of snap to each bite.  The cheesy inside added a lot of flavor as well.  The Apfelstrudel shake was a big ol' cup of fall, with a powerful apple and spice taste blended into the creamy vanilla base.  Be sure to check out Oktoberfest at Shake Shack every October, for a delicious take on Oktoberfest right here in DC.  

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