Monday, November 16, 2015

Japan Visit - Matcha (Green Tea) Snacks

Japanese snacks come in all sorts of varieties and flavors, but I'd say that the dominant "special" flavor is matcha/green tea.  In a standard supermarket or conbini (convenience store) you can find at least a handful of snacks with matcha somehow incorporated in it.

These are some of the fun matcha flavored sweets that I picked up during my visit.  From the top left we have Oreo bits (Mini Oreos in the US) with a matcha cream filling, Sakura matcha Kit Kats, Galbo mini round chocolate biscuits with a matcha coating, and Milky brand matcha latte chocolates.  As you can see, chocolate is a common pairing with matcha sweets, which makes sense because they are a tasty combination, and pretty to look at, haha.  I've been slowly making way through these snacks and they are all very delicious! 

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