Monday, November 9, 2015

Japan Visit - Starbucks Pumpkin Pie Latte

At the end of September, I had a relatively short but fun trip to Japan, mainly to visit family members.  While I wasn't able to get out and do a lot of stuff every day, of course I had a great time seeing everyone... and enjoying all the food and drink that I was able to cram in during my visit, haha.

One of the great things about Japan is the presence of Conbini, or convenience stores, just about everywhere.  The idea of a convenience store might be pretty boring to us in the US, but in Japan they are a mecca of delicious snacks, drinks, and even full on meals that are quick and tasty.  I was very happy to come across this Starbucks branded Pumpkin Pie Latte at one such conbini, and I loved it! It's basically like a latte in juice box form, and it had all of the sweet pumpkin flavor you'd expect from a pumpkin pie latte.  The relatively small size (which is average for Japan) makes this just the right amount of a sweet iced latte for an afternoon treat.  I wish they would sell these drinks in the US as well, I think they would be a big hit! 

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