Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farmers' Market Find: White Bell Pepper?

I try to get to the Dupont Farmers Market whenever I can, which has been difficult this summer since I've been out of town over the weekends a lot. But we were able to go this past Sunday, and in addition to the regular items, I decided I'd get one "new" item, the white bell peppers you see above.

There isn't too much info on them online aside from buying seeds it seems like, but I will say that these tasted sort of bitter raw, but otherwise worked the same way a green bell pepper would. I used them in a pasta sauce and they lost the bitterness once cooked. It might be nice to put into a salad with a lot of green (lettuce, cucumber, spinach) in it, so it would stand out moreso than a green pepper would. Anyone else ever see/try these before?

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