Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello Cupcake Free Cupcake Day- FAIL

So, yesterday was Hello Cupcake's 1-year anniversary. Seeing as I was there, waiting in line on their opening day, I figured I'd go full circle and go for their 1st anniversary. Also, FREE CUPCAKES!

I arrived a little before 6pm to Dupont Circle, hustling over to the store... and then..

"Thank you for making our 1st birthday so successful! We gave away 2,500 cupcakes and are out for the day. We will have fresh cupcakes tomorrow at 10am!"


All things considered, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised that they ran out (I don't even know when they did exactly, since the store was closed up and dark by the time I got there, not even in the midst of closing up or anything). Also, I wasn't the only one thinking they'd still have cupcakes left- no less than 10 other people showed up, saw the sign, sighed, complained, and walked on.

Hopefully your 2nd anniversary falls on a not-work-day, Hello Cupcake.

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