Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recipe Review: Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Mise en place.

I usually bring the stuff I bake to work, so I wanted to try something out that could be a "morning"-ish item- or at least pretend to be (the same way most muffins and donuts are "breakfast" foods, haha).  I decided on this chocolate chip coffee cake recipe from Pete Bakes , because it sounded tasty and I also had some sour cream to use up.  The recipe came together fairly easily- the only issue I had was with the layering portion.  The dough was v. thick and gloppy, and hard to spread into the pan.  I also didn't seem to have enough of the dough to cover 2 layers, much less one solid layer.  So, you can't really tell in the photo, but I barely had enough dough for the top layer of the coffee cake.  Next time I might just mix the cinnamon mixture throughout one single layer instead. 

All done!

All dough issues aside, the coffee cake came out of the oven smelling delicious.  As instructed, I waited for the cake to cool to cut it, and the chips remained intact.   It was crumbly, cinnamon-y, buttery - everything you hope for in a coffee cake.  This would be fantastic for a brunch or breakfast party, especially if you're like me and this seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to eat first thing in the morning, haha.  Hey, I'd rather eat this over eggs any day!


  1. ohhh that looks amazing! David is obsessed with coffee cakes! I will be making this one soon:o)