Monday, January 11, 2010

Special Edition Jersey Shore Recap #4

Sorry for the lack of JS recap last week, but I didn't watch the show until Tuesday due to the holiday.  Plus it wasn't that funny an episode.  I can't decide if spending your NYE with the cast of Jersey Shore would be a good thing or not.  Anyway, on to the recap:

Couples I Hate More Than Ronnie and Sammi:  (Thinking)

And Remember, Death is not an Option:  Risking an eviction by hooking up with the bosses date, or going home with a cougar who looked like she spent her days smoking cigarettes at a bus station bar.

How Prophetic:  If you take your date to a place called "Karma", it's only right she goes home with someone else...

Who Knew?:  During Ronnie and Sammi's first fight, Snookers ended up as the voice of reason.

On Second Thought...  Until the next day when she took it upon herself to get Ronnie and Sam to hang out more (head shaking)

Douche Bags for Dummies:  Gym, Tanning, Laundry

Back to Couples I Hate More Than Ronnie and Sammi:  (Scratching my head)...

From the "Who Didn't See that One Coming Department":  Michael leaves Snookie to hit on other girls.

More D-Bags for Dummy:  "The outfit is key".

Angelina's Replacement?:  I would pay to have Michael Cera become the 8th guido.

Fool Me Once, Shame on Me, Fool Me Twice... Still shame on me.  Come on Alex.  Who hooks up with a guy on an MTV show calld Jersey Shore more than once? 

It Could Have Been Worse:  At least she wasn't arrested on TV...oh

The Search for Couples I Hate More than Ronnie and Sammi:  Oooh, almost had one

Speaking of Expressions:  I know if at first you don't succeed, try try again, but the Situation's streak of getting negged is starting to get painful to watch

Not Even 1 Million Drinks Would Make Me Do This:  Come on Vinnie, trust your gut.  Do you really want to hook up with The Situation without Abs?

This is Why the Terrorists Hate Us:  The Situation is like a Navy SEAL at the club...probably should add that statement to the "this is why the Armed Forces hate us" column also

I'm Pretty Sure that IS the Definition:  Sammi says she isn't like every other Jersey girl...then gets into a conversation while taking out her hair extensions.

Sniffle:  Only two weeks left in the House!

Only in Guido Language... would "Creep" be a positive term.  Smush too.

You Make the Call:  Which animal does the girl that punch Snookers resemble...I say a Brontosaurus?

Where was the Violence Against Men PSA:  Ronnie beats the crap out of some drunk guy, and yet we don't get any message at the end about how bad violence is?   How sexist...

Isn't That One of the Stereotypes?:  Everyone was surpised about the size of Vinnie's family.  It's like being surprised if The Situation's dad was in waste management...

The Quest for Couples I Hate More Than Ronnie and Sammi:  That Jon and Kate were pretty annoying

"I Have the Best Girl in Seaside":  I take that last one back.

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  1. i don't hate ronnie and sammi but couples i can't stand:

    6. jason from the bachelor and molly (don't know if you watched that season but they are a despicable couple)
    5. jessica biel and justin timberlake (love JT but hate them together)
    4. robert pattinson and kristen stewart (once again, love him, can't stand her)
    3. heidi and spencer
    2. jennifer lopez and mark anthony
    1. jessica simpson and whoever she is currently dating (always 1.)