Monday, October 10, 2011

Baked Mini Doughnuts

After months and months of resisting, I finally gave in and bought this Wilton mini doughnut pan!  It helped that I had won a Sur La Table gift card that I could use for this, haha.  But to be honest, I was debating on how practical it was- but then, at a certain point, you realize that the whole point is that it's NOT practical, but super cute and fun :o)

I made my first batch of mini doughnuts using a Japanese hotcake mix which I had heard before makes tasty doughnuts as well.  These turned out really cute and were a snap to bake.  One issue I had is that they were done almost too quickly- and having only one doughnut pan, it took a while to carefully spoon in the mix into each cavity so I could get the pan back into the oven.  But I think this is one of those things where repeated use will make the process go faster.


To make the hotcake doughnuts a little more interesting, I added some toppings I had on hand - cookies n' cream peanut butter on the left; Nutella on the right.  These were really delicious, and a great one-bite dessert or snack!

I'm looking forward to using this pan again to make other flavors of doughnuts very soon!


  1. i bought this pan and then returned it! the donuts wouldn't cook well for me and i couldn't get the dough in. I realized later that I should have used a piping bag to put the dough in and it would have worked much better.

  2. The pan And Doughnuts Are soooo cute! Love!

  3. Yes, it's super cute and fun and doesn't need to be practical ;-)Though I have to say, my pan cost about $10 and I've used my pan a lot. It's a great for baking desserts to take to parties and such. I eventually broke down and bought two pans because so little batter fits into one.

  4. @KandS: Thanks!

    @nicole: A piping bag should work well.

    @Ashley: Thanks for the PB topping!

    @kirbie: I have lots of your recipes on my to-do list :o)