Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Golden Oreos


These Golden Oreos aren't really new to the scene, but I hadn't thought to try them until recently so they're new to me!  According to Wikipedia, the "Golden Oreo series have vanilla wafers with other fillings like vanilla and chocolate as Uh-Oh Oreo until its rebranding in 2007".  Anyone remember when they were called Uh-Oh Oreos??  Yeah, me neither.

Taste-wise, they were basically like a more textural Nilla wafer, obviously with filling in the middle.  I didn't mind these as cookies, but compared to a regular Oreo, I think I still prefer the original.  I could see these being useful in a setting where you want some color differences - like say a game night party where you could use both the Golden and the Regular Oreos as checkers pieces or something, haha.  Overall, a perfectly good taste but can't beat the original!


  1. I don't eat chocolate, and these are addictive! "Buckeyes" Boy and I would go through a bag every week - lol.

  2. @City Girl: Haha, so funny!