Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hershey Christmas Candylane

Recently, my friend T, her husband, G, and I went to Hershey Park for their Christmas Candylane!  The majority of the park is lit up with all sorts of holiday-theme lights, and people can walk around and enjoy the park at night.  The majority of the rides (like the roller coasters) are not running but a good number of them (pirate ship, indoor rides, carousel, most of the kids rides) were running until closing.  

We checked out the light show that takes place every half hour with Christmas music - v. fun to watch!


This house was made ALL out of candy!!

Of course I had to check out the huge gift shop located by the free Chocolate World ride as well.

Has anyone seen these Hershey's Pieces with Almonds in stores yet?  They looked really good!

This was one of the Christmas trees on display inside one of the gift shops - super cute!


Going to Hershey Park this time of year was a great way to get excited for the holidays and be surrounded by candy, haha!


  1. What a fun place! :D I love light shows especially if they're for X'mas. That house is sooo cool!

  2. Now all I want is candy. Thanks :)