Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seattle - Brugge Chocolates


Another fun little place that my parents introduced me to in Seattle was Brugge Chocolates in Redmond.  It's a tiny shop in an ordinary-looking shopping center, and the space was filled wall-to-wall with beautiful little chocolates and other treats.  The employee was very friendly and happy to provide us samples of one of the truffles, which was nice especially since it seems pretty high-end and intimidating inside, haha.  

We picked up six pretty truffles, including a seasonal pumpkin, Marco Polo (with crispy layers inside the chocolate), hazelnut, and some other flavors my parents picked out.  Unfortunately there isn't a list of flavors on their website to jog my memory, sorry!  

These were all SO good!  A little pricey for sure ($2ish per piece) but they all tasted amazing and the perfect little bite.  Each one was distinct in flavor but never overwhelming or overly sweet.  There were tons of different flavors, and they all looked great.  I'm definitely looking forward to trying out more flavors during my next visit!

15946 Redmond Way, Suite 103
Redmond, WA 98052


  1. Wow - those look great! Chocolate - yummmmmmm

  2. Yummers! Looks like you had a great time in Seattle! :D

    P.S Thx for the card! <3

  3. @Shannon, SNC: They were great!