Monday, December 26, 2011

Tout de Sweet - Pumpkin and Vanilla Macarons

I've mentioned my love for Tout de Sweet's vanilla macaron before, and yes, it's still as fabulous as ever.  I love places that do seasonal items, like pumpkin EVERYTHING haha.  The pumpkin macaron on the left was really really really tasty.  The perfect 2 bites of pumpkin, crisp, chewy, and all things good about macarons.  Also, I love the color of the pumpkin macaron, a great light shade of orange that was so pretty!  

Every time I go here I think that I need to go more often- hopefully this time I actually will go soon to try out new flavors... along with another vanilla macaron, haha!  


  1. We know I'm rarely in Bethesda, but this spot might get me up there! Love macarons!

    1. They are definitely worth the trip!