Monday, March 5, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - Black and White Cookie Cupcake


As you all know - and yes, the assumption is that you MUST know, haha - Georgetown Cupcake recently opened its doors in NYC.  To celebrate, they have several NYC-based cupcakes that are really cute!  They offered all of them as the free secret cupcakes prior to the NYC store opening, and at all stores until the end of February. 

This one is the Black and White Cookie Cupcake, and definitely the most interesting-looking of the new ones.  It's a marble cake cupcake with a vanilla and chocolate swirled frosting on top.  I loved the look of the frosting, it was a creative way to get the "black and white cookie" effect!  It was interesting too because the chocolate ganache frosting and the vanilla frosting had very different textures.   I would love for a "marble cake" cupcake like this to be in the regular rotation outside of NYC!

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