Friday, July 6, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - Lavender Earl Grey Teacake

June brings us a new monthly cupcake flavor at Georgetown Cupcake, woo!  This Lavender Earl Grey Teacake was originally created for co-owner Katherine's tea-themed bridal shower.  It is a "Classic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cupcake infused with lavender and earl grey tea, topped with a lavender infused buttercream frosting, a fondant flower, and a sprinkle of lavender sugar".

I was cautiously excited to try out this new cupcake flavor once it was available.  I say "cautiously" because for as much as I LOVE tea-flavored baked goods, lavender makes me think of soap. And scented candles. And basically anything floral and not edible, haha.

It could've been this particular cupcake that I got, but luckily this one did not remind me of soap at all, haha.  There was a strong tea flavor that I really enjoyed, with little pockets of a lavender taste, just enough that I knew it was there.  The frosting is a really pretty light purple color, and this would be a great addition to a tea-themed party!