Monday, July 23, 2012

Peanut Butter Cheerios

I received a sample box of these new Peanut Butter Cheerios in the mail recently, and I had been looking forward to trying them out.  Just from opening the bag there was a strong peanut butter smell so there was no doubt about what flavor I got, haha. 

For as much as I assumed that these would be tooth-achingly sweet, they actually weren't AS sweet as I imagined they would be.  Now, this is coming from someone that loves sweets, so your actual experience with these might vary.  However, I thought these were tasty and would be a great option mixed into plain yogurt, or for cereal bars/other type of baked good that incorporated Cheerios, haha.  I'm not sure I'd buy these full-price (then again, I rarely do that with cereal in general), but I'd likely buy these again if they are on sale.


  1. When this goes on sale - I'll have to get a box for D to try!