Monday, January 17, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Snickerdoodle Cookie Ice Cream

Oh, snickerdoodle cookies.  What a wonderously simple but oh-so-comforting cookie.  I have fond memories of snickerdoodle cookies, as they're one of the first cookie recipes I actually ever made on my own when I was little.  C'mon, what kid wouldn't have fun rolling dough into a pile of cinnamon and sugar "sand"? 

So, it was no surprise that I picked up this pint of Ben & Jerry's Snickerdoodle Cookie ice cream, which consists of "Buttery cinnamon ice cream loaded with snickerdoodle cookies".  Sign me up!

Overall I really enjoyed this ice cream.  The most dominant flavor is cinnamon, being that it's in both the ice cream and the cookie pieces, so be forewarned if you're sorta "meh" about cinnamon overload.  Then again, if you didn't like cinnamon to begin with, why are you eating this? Haha.  There isn't much of a texture or flavor contrast in ice cream, which I sorta miss, but that would be my only negative comment.  If you're a fan of cookie dough ice cream and want to try something new, give this one a try! 


  1. I'm dying - this looks too delicious to even think about! haha

  2. @Shannon: Maybe you can try mixing in cinnamon and sugar to regular vanilla ice cream to mimic the taste?

  3. I love this flavor so much! Do you know how long it will stay? Hopefully every holiday season it will be around...

  4. @Kimmie: I'm not sure, but I hope it is around for a while also!