Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions seem to be v. polarizing- either you love them and make a ton, or you hate them and actively profess your disdain towards resolutions and those that make them, haha.  I for one like having a list of things that I'd like to complete throughout the year- might as well start in January when we're all feeling renewed and motivated!

You might notice that my list is pretty specific, maybe overly so.  I do this on purpose so that it's a tangible statement that I can either say I did, or didn't do.  On the other hand, if I said something vague like "Read more", I wouldn't really have anything to evaluate myself against, since it's too general of a resolution for me.  Now I'm not saying this is how it should be for everyone, but more that this is what I know works for me.

I'm posting these on my blog mainly as a way of holding myself accountable.  That's the other thing about my resolutions- I have to tell people to make it seem "real", like I actually have to follow through on them, haha.  Here's what I've got so far, although I'll prob wind up adding some more later:

- Continue to do my nails once a week.  I actually liked this one from last year and I could do it so I'll keep it, haha.

- Eat mostly only homemade (by me or someone else, aka Georgetown Cupcake still applies) desserts/treats unless it's something I really want.  Clearly exceptions will be made on a situational basis, but for the most part this applies to me not eating the random storebought cookies that someone brings in to work because it won't really be that good/worth it anyway.

- Make at least two dishes from Cooking Light magazine each month once the new issue arrives.  More is always better but hope to try at least two each month.

- Along that note, make at least one more recipe from one of my 9238749237492384 cookbooks each week.  I cook a lot at home but not really a lot of new recipes, more just throwing stuff together that I have. 

-  Be more thorough with my skincare, using all the products I have, especially at night.  Right now I always do face wash, eye cream, and lotion in the morning and night, but I have all these other products that I use only occasionally, so I'll try to make sure to use them every day. 

- Use the kettlebell I bought at TJMaxx a few days ago for at least 30 minutes while watching tv every night.

So there you have it, my completely random and not-quite-life-changing list of resolutions, haha.  Anyone else care to share what resolutions they have?


  1. Good resolutions! If you ever need someone to test your recipes, you know how to reach me. ;) Also would be fun to try recipes together if you ever want to do a cooking party!

  2. You are so good at keeping these. Have fun doing your nails with your new nail polish :-)

  3. Nice list, K! I like how thorough you are. Good luck, darling!! =D

    P.S Can't wait to get those Zoya polishes!

  4. @Meppers: Haha, thanks for volunteering!

    @Trish, @SNC: Thanks, hope we get the polishes soon!