Friday, January 21, 2011

Kit Kat Citrus Blend

I was super excited to get a new batch of Japanese Kit Kats from my mom on her last visit - one of them being this box of Citrus Blend.  The blend consists of the following fruits: Onsen mikan (tangerine), Lemon, and Sudachi

The one thing I like about these "big box" Kit Kats is that each individually wrapped Kit Kat is a smidge shorter than a regular Kit Kat, so it's ideal for a small snack.  The color on this one was pretty - a light sherbert-y pale orange hue. 

Unfortunately those were the only things I liked about these Kit Kats- it had an overwhelming aroma of artificial citrus, like a Orangsicle on steroids.  Unfortunately, I'm in the weird camp that loves orange/citrus flavors but not when it's mixed with a cream or vanilla flavor.  But, of course I'm happy to have tried a new flavor and it was interesting to find out how this one was going to taste. 


  1. @Ribbonlicious: Unfortunately it's only available in Japan, but maybe one day they'll have more in other countries!