Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kate Spade Crossbody Bag

One more post about a Christmas present purse, this time courtesy of Kate Spade

I've become more interested in crossbody bags, which isn't surprising since they seem to be EVERYWHERE in department stores.  I love the fact that you can go about your day, juggling your cell phone in one hand, a skim latte in the other, and not have to worry about carrying your purse on your arm... or is that just me?

This one is one of the larger crossbody bags I've seen (not counting the large totes that come with a long strap), which I like because I tend to carry a lot of random stuff with me at all times.  I don't have the exact measurements, but it's just a bit smaller than a regular sheet of paper? I guess.  I love the metallic gunmetal color, which to me means I can wear it out at night, or for casual outings during the day.  It also lays flat against my body, instead of bouncing around like the more rounded/cube-like crossbody bags tend to do, at least in my experience, haha.  Extra bonus?  This bag was on sale at Nordstrom! (I was there when it was purchased as a gift for me, hence why I know that, haha).

Side note: LOVE the covers that come with the bags... how cute is this saying?? Loves it!


  1. K-
    I didn't know you had a blog! For shame on Ashley for not telling me! I'm following you! And, p.s. as a purse addict, I am digging the Kate Spade.


  2. love crossbody bags! so helpful especially in winter when you have your hands in your pockets :)

  3. I love that saying! Oh that bag is gorgeous. =D Really love that color and I'm a big fan of crossbody bags too!

    (Hahaha! Definitely not!)

  4. @Katie: Thanks for reading!!

    @KandS: Also v. true!

    @Ilana: Thanks!

    @SNC: Thanks, yeah def a good reason to keep the cover bag is when it has a cute saying on it, haha.

    @Shannon: Thanks!