Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Godiva: Chocolate Lava Cake and Green Tea Truffles


If you aren't already a member, I'd highly recommend that you all sign up for the Godiva Rewards Club.  It's free, and you get a few perks, the big one being that you get a free piece of chocolate in the store every month!  I recently went for my free chocolate and picked up the Chocolate Lava Cake (left), and bought one of the Green Tea truffles from the Top Chef Just Desserts collection.  

 The Chocolate Lava Cake was super rich and lava-licious on the inside, as you might expect from the name, haha. It was probably a bad idea to bite into it, because the insides were really liquidy, so I'd recommend carefully biting into it, or just eating the whole thing in one bite.   

The Green Tea truffle was also v. sweet, but a little more complex in flavor than the Chocolate Lava Cake truffle.  It has a: "Matcha tea mousse center in a white chocolate shell decorated with green stringing".  Despite the inside of the truffle being a pretty green shade, it smelled and tasted overwhelmingly of white chocolate over anything else.  I like white chocolate so it wasn't really a problem, per se, but still pretty disappointing that there wasn't much of a green tea flavor to the chocolate.  It's v. pretty to look at though, if that helps, haha.  


  1. The lava one sounds soooo good!

  2. Free chocolate? I am so on this!!!

  3. @Ilana: Sign up for the Godiva club and you can try it for free!

    @SNC: I know, it's totally worth the $0 price, haha.