Thursday, January 20, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

I realize that 2011 is already well underway, but I just wanted to get this post out while it was still January at least, haha.  This year, being the year of the Rabbit, there are lots of rabbit-themed goodies around, particularly in Japanese or other Asian stores. 

We got this cute lil' rabbit treat from Minamoto Kitchoan in NYC, conveniently located in Midtown by the Radio City Music Hall.  The store is packed with all sorts of tasty Japanese wagashi (Japanese confection, usually served with tea) and there's a lot to choose from in the small space.  This rabbit wagashi came 5 to a box, with the box being shaped like a large rabbit.  Each bite-sized rabbit had a sweet white bean paste and yuzu filling, lots of flavor in such a small package!  If anyone is around the area, I'd highly recommend popping into this store and picking up some treats.  Happy Year of the Rabbit, everyone!

Minamoto Kitchoan
608 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10020


  1. Doesn't the "year" not start til end of Jan/early Feb anyways :)

  2. @michelle: Ooh, true, thanks!!

  3. @Shannon, @KandS: Thanks for commenting!