Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crate & Barrel Bobble Bottle

Water bottle? Filtered water? Why not both?

I had heard about Bobble bottles before, so I was excited to see them sold at Crate & Barrel.  The idea of this bottle is pretty neat- the cap is attached to a small water filter, so you can fill up the bottle with regular tap water.  Once you fill and empty the water once or twice (you'll notice the water is a little discolored from the filter's charcoal), just keep refilling and drinking! 

One weird thing is the hissing air that happens every time I try to take more than a few sips- it literally sounds like the bottle is sighing at me, haha.  From a few reviews, it seems like the elongated filter might be the cause of that.  But clearly it's not a deal breaker for me.  Overall though, I like having this on hand, especially for trips away from home.  Having it around is also a good reminder to drink water throughout the day! 

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