Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whole Foods Rockville Pre-Opening Blogger Tour, Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday, we have Part 2 of my pre-opening tour (here's Part 1)...lots of yummy treats!!

Tower o' Chocolate - how could I *not* photograph this?  I especially liked the little tubs of chocolate pearls (bottom left in the photo) - I think these would be really cute as cupcake decorations!

Over in the Coffee section, they have lots of different coffee brands to choose from, including a wide selection of local coffees.  Holla Mayorga Coffee! (I used to work there part-time a long time ago, haha).  Always nice to show some local pride and support local vendors!

In the Restaurant Row section, which includes a pizza oven, smokehouse, burger bar, as well as an all-organic salad bar, there is also an Arepa station.  Yum, crispy grilled cornmeal cakes with lots of tasty fillings- I'm definitely going to try one soon!

And saving the best for last: the Bakery section, ooh la la!  SO many different treats to choose from, it was so overwhelming to take it all in - and they hadn't even finished putting everything out yet, haha.

It was nice to see Sticky Fingers, a local DC bakery, displayed in the Bakery section!  Hopefully this will entice people that haven't been to the bakery yet to try their products out. 

See anything interesting - besides the cupcakes obviously?

1- Whoopie pies!  A few different flavors along the bottom shelf.  That strawberry one was definitely calling out to me, I can't wait to try it out!

2- Cake Pops!  To be honest these looked pretty much like cakes on sticks- much larger than other one-bite cake pops I've seen, haha.  But hey, not complaining!  I think this would be a cute option for customers that need some party treats, especially in a pinch.

The Bakery department graciously offered us samples of their tea cakes - these were really good, and a cute little size to boot.  At the time they had four flavors: Earl Grey, Chinese Black, Pomegranate, and Lavender.  I will definitely be picking up some of these for a snack!


At the end of the tour, we were offered fresh fruit, cheese, and desserts, as well as a stuffed gift bag full of goodies (above).  Lots of things I already like and new things for me to try!

Thanks again to Whole Foods for providing bloggers a chance to check out the new store before it opened-  I seriously can't wait to start shopping here soon!


  1. Pizza and desserts're killing me! Haha looks Amazing!

  2. Wow - WOW - I mean, that really looks amazing!

  3. @Ashley: Hahah I should've warned you to NOT look.

    @Shannon: It's a fabulous store, woo!