Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Package + Tea Strainer

I hope that you all had some yummy candy, even if you don't technically celebrate Easter! 

My mom had sent me a cute package a while back, and since it was Easter-themed, I thought I would share it with you today. 

Mmmmm... mini eggs!  On the left in the red bag are Lindt milk chocolate mini eggs, and the "carton" on the bottom right are Reese's mini eggs.  I love that the Reese's come in a "carton", so cute!  Plus some spring-themed cocktail napkins with a cute bunny on them. 

The last item in the package is this (above).  Anyone want to guess what this might be?  Well if you read the title of this post, you'd already know, haha. 

It's a tea strainer!  I'm sure this has been around for a while and I just haven't noticed it, but I thought it was cute and good to share with you all.  Basically you just pop off the pink bottom, fill the container with loose tea, pop the bottom back in, and dunk it into hot water to steep.  It's a great alternative to buying empty tea bags and/or the ball-shaped tea strainers that you normally see.  This one fits perfectly into a mug or travel mug for easy use and removal.  I recently bought a few tins of loose tea at Capital Teas so this is perfect for tea at work.  Loves it!


  1. LOVE the tea strainer! I have a similar one in red, but pink is SO cute!!! I also use it to infuse chicken broth with spices that I don't want floating in the final product.

  2. The tea strainer is really cute!

  3. Ooh nice! I actually have not seen this type of tea strainer before. Love the baby pink =D

  4. @Olga: Great idea!

    @Shannon: Thanks!

    @SNC: Me too, love the pink! It goes with other stuff in my kitchen too haha.