Thursday, April 28, 2011

Foodbuzz: Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat with Flax Bread

I recently received a loaf of Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat with Flax bread, courtesy of Nature's Pride and Foodbuzz.  Clearly I wouldn't be able to eat this whole loaf by myself in a reasonable amount of time, so I wrapped and froze the loaf in 2-slice packs for me to eat through.  

Here are some of the notable stats about this bread:
- 100% whole wheat bread made with pure olive oil
- Good source of Omega 3-ALA
- 22 grams of whole grains
- 100 calories per slice 

I've use this bread for savory sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, and toasted with Nutella spread on top.  For all of its nutritional factoids, this bread doesn't taste too healthy, if you know what I mean.  Clearly, you wouldn't mistake it for regular white bread, but it wasn't off-putting or grain-tasting, which I liked.  The way I figure it, if you're going to be eating bread anyway, might as well make it somewhat healthier for you, right? 

Thank you to Foodbuzz and Nature's Pride for sending me this bread to try out- I'm happy to have it in my kitchen and I'll keep an eye out for it the next time I buy sandwich bread! 

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