Monday, September 19, 2011

Missoni for Target Haul

As promised, here's my Missoni for Target haul!

First, here's a cute note holder.  The container itself is sturdy and fun, and it'll be a great decorative piece for my desk.  Since the paper inside is octagon-shaped, it'll probably be impossible to find any replacement paper, but oh well, haha.

I also found this ceramic platter in the purple pattern.  I wasn't initially going to get this, but I liked that it was ceramic (aka sturdy) so that I will get more use out of it for parties and stuff.  Something like this doesn't need decorative napkins or a liner for displaying, which is nice too. 

I just can't seem to resist mugs!  I seriously have SO many but I keep acquiring more.  Since this was one of the few remaining mugs that there was more than one of, I snatched it up quickly.  I liked that it coordinates with the platter without being too matchy-matchy. 

Finally, I couldn't resist picking up some stationary.  I got two sets of cards in coordinating patterns.  I wish they had more items available in the other (non-zig zag) patterns!

Overall, I am happy with the items that I was able to get.  I'm really happy that I managed to get there earlier in the day and get at least these pieces, because online shopping was impossible, and the Target stores have no items available even the following day.  I do wish I could've seen some of the other items like the space-dyed infinity scarves and gloves, but I think I'll get good use out of the stuff that I did manage to find.  If anyone was also planning on getting some Missoni for Target items, I hope you found what you were looking for!


  1. I still haven't seen the scarf that you're looking for. T_T Hoping they get a re-stock or someone returns it.

    Love your haul! I'm crazy about mugs too but can no longer buy anymore b/c we've run out of shelf space...haha!

  2. I love this post! I don't think Missoni patterns look flattering on my body shape, but the mugs, platter and stationery are fun! Thanks!

  3. @SNC: I can't stop buying mugs!

    @CityGirl: I agree about the clothes, I prefer the accessories much more haha.