Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smoothie Tumblers

I've been enjoying my daily morning smoothies, but only having one tumbler was getting a little annoying.  I acquired a second one with a Keurig iced coffee rebate coupon, but I just had to buy this set (above) when I saw it at TJMaxx!

I really like the pink dandelions on the tumber on the left, and I it's very convenient that this set comes with six extra straws.  If anyone is looking for extra smoothie/iced drink cups, definitely check out TJMaxx or other discount stores before paying full price at other stores!


  1. Very cute! I think I'm going to try Mason jars. I saw on pinterest that they should fit standard blenders which means I can skip the hassle of having to clean the pitcher all the time!

  2. Super adorbs! TJ Maxx rocks XD

    P.S You have mail!

  3. @Michelle: I saw that too, lemme know how it goes!

    @SNC: Thanks!!