Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seattle: The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company wasn't on my radar when I first got to Seattle, but as luck would have it it was in my mom's copy of a Japanese Seattle guidebook (so typical, haha) and it was only a few blocks from where we were meeting everyone for the food and drink tour.  

I loved this shop from the moment I stepped in - just check out all of the cute cupcakes, and that heart-shaped whoopie pie!

As soon as I saw the pancakes and bacon cupcake (above), I knew I had to get one.  It was featured prominently in a few articles that were displayed in the store, and hello, it's bacon.

We tried out this cupcake the next morning and I thought it was pretty friggin' awesome.  The saltiness of the bacon went really well with the sweet maple flavors of the cupcake, and the frosting was airy and not at all cloying.  I am so glad I tried this cupcake!

As luck would have it, the pancakes and bacon cupcake wouldn't be my last experience with Yellow Leaf.  My sister-in-law brought over four cupcakes from them a few days later, not even knowing that we had tried it out and I already loved their cupcakes, haha.

The top two were the lavender maple and cherry pomegranate.  The bottom two were Boston creme and simply vanilla.  I tried a little bit of each one - and seriously, they were all really really good.  The restraint on the sweetness of all of their cupcakes really allows each of the flavors to shine through.  Like the pancakes and bacon cupcake, the frosting was light and really flavorful without being overpowering.  I especially liked the Boston creme one because it had a generous center of custard in the middle, yum.

If you're in downtown Seattle and want to try some really delicious cupcakes, definitely check out the Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company!  I can't wait to go back and try more flavors!

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company
2209 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121


  1. "hello, it's bacon" <===Exactly! Haha XD Holy cow, these look good. @_@

    P.S Guess what? I saw the purple platters today at Tarjay!

  2. WOW - WOW those look amazing! I'm intrigued with how they made their frosting!

  3. @SNC: Oh nice did you get them?

    @Shannon: I know it was so light!