Friday, July 19, 2013

Japan Visit - Kobe Plaisir Restaurant

While we were in Japan, my mom and I took a quick trip over to Kobe and Tokushima, which was a relatively short but fun visit.  One of the highlights was lunch at the Kobe Plaisir restaurant.  My mom had read about it online and I was really excited to try it out.  We had a reservation in the Teppanyaki room and sat down for a decadent and leisurely lunch.

Our lunch consisted of the following:
- Apertif/vinegar drink
- Amuse
- Seasonal soup
- Steak
- Fresh salad
- Grilled seasonal vegetables
- Steamed rice and miso soup
- Dessert
- Coffee/tea

The restaurant takes a lot of pride in using only local and seasonal ingredients, and the servers all took the time to explain each dish's components to us for each course.  We had a personal teppanyaki chef for our meal, and it was great to hear about the ingredients from him as well.  

The meal came with white local short grain rice, or garlic fried rice with little bits of the Kobe beef mixed in - it took about .000010 seconds for me to ask for the fried rice haha.  It was SO GOOD.

After our meal, we were escorted to a "library" which is a separate room with a few couches for people to come to specifically for dessert.  Along with our cappuccinos, we received a pretty plate with matcha green tea ice cream and a coconut-based panna cotta.  What a lovely way to end a meal! 

As you can see it was an amazing and memorable meal in Kobe - it was absolutely delicious, fresh, with fantastic service as well.  I would love to go back and try their other dishes sometime! 


  1. ooh thanks for the info, I'll have to tell my friend about this place and go check it out with her :)

    1. I hope you get a chance to go!

  2. Wow - everything looks so fresh and delicious! That matcha ice cream sounds great!