Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kate Spade Tote

I got this Kate Spade tote bag a while back during one of their online sales - it's always so hard to resist when they have a good sale!  This tote can fit my iPad and everything else I want to cram in, with 3 wide sections dividing up the bag, as well as pockets on both the front and back inside panels.  My favorite part though has to be the bow details on both sides of the tote bag.  I love this bag for work, travel, and for every day in between!


  1. Love this tote! I bought a Kate Spade messenger bag when I went back to grade school in 2004. Used it when I started teaching and now use it as my diaper bag. Durable, cute, lightweight = why Kate is still a classic!

    1. I love that you've been using it through so many stages of your life!