Monday, July 15, 2013

Japan Visit - Mister Donut

During my visit to Japan in late May, one of my "go-to" places was Mister Donut.  They're all over Japan, but never really close enough to anywhere that I have been before during past visits.  Luckily, this time around, I was able to go to TWO locations, woohoo!

The first Mister Donut was right by the Tokyo Skytree, and it was one of the cutest places I've ever seen.  You would think this was something out of Disney World, not just a doughnut/coffee shop, haha.


So many delicious doughnuts on display!

Seriously, so cute. This is Pon de Lion, the official (?) mascot of Mister Donut.  He is a lion, with the signature Pon de Ring doughnut in place of a mane.   And yes, the whole store was filled with cute murals and themed chairs.

I got an iced coffee, but I like how they offer free refills for the hot coffee - such a nice way to relax with a doughnut and tasty coffee!  The Pon de Lion doughnut was their Pon de Ring doughnut with an extra filled doughnut hole in the middle, and topped with a chocolate disk.  This doughnut was SO SO SO good.  It was chewier, like it had some mochi in it or something, and really delicious. 

At the second Mister Donut that I went to, the decor wasn't as crazy themed but they had a nice variety of doughnuts as well.  Of course the Hello Kitty themed one (center left) caught my eye, haha.

As you can see, the Hello Kitty doughnut is a regular round doughnut with a strategically placed chocolate bow fitting right in with the plastic wrapping.  The apple-flavored frosting was better than I expected - not too sweet and reminded me of the taste of fresh apple juices that are popular in Japan. Also, in the back you can see the brown sugar Pon de Ring - so so so good.  I will definitely be there to try out more doughnuts the next time I am in Japan!