Monday, July 29, 2013

Shake Shack F Street Concretes

One of the main reasons why I was excited for the F Street DC Shake Shack  is that each location has their own concrete flavors - so of course I had to try them out right away! 

My friend M and I met up for dinner, and it didn't take much to convince her to get one too so we could try two in one trip, haha. 

Doughnuts are Forever: Vanilla custard, Astro Doughnuts coconut doughnut, strawberry jam and rainbow sprinkles.  

If you know me at all you will know why I had to have someone else buy and eat most of this one, haha.

Beltway Blonde: Vanilla custard, cheesecake blondie, salted caramel sauce and banana

And here we have both of the concretes sitting pretty on my tray.  For obvious (COCONUT) reasons, the Beltway Blonde was my favorite of the two, with big chunks of blondie mixed in, and the salted caramel was a delicious touch as well.  However, the Doughnuts are Forever concrete is an awesome idea, and I love that they utilize a local restaurant's doughnuts for the custard.  Maybe one day they will switch to a different doughnut flavor....?

We went for dinner on opening day, which meant a nice bonus of free samples being passed around.  I tried the Buttery Caramel Cocoa Nib, the featured custard flavor of that day, and I really liked the rich caramel with the little tiny cocoa nibs mixed liberally throughout.  We also tried some of their beverages as samples as well. I'm so happy to have another Shake Shack in DC!!


  1. You forgot to mention we'd been trying to see a movie for three weeks, and the moment we found out Shake Shack had opened we abandoned the idea altogether and got concretes instead!

    1. Haha yes, this was way better than any of the movies.