Thursday, July 18, 2013

Japan Visit - Pierre Herme Macarons

During my visit, I realized that the Aoyama Pierre Herme wasn't too far from my oldest brother's home, so the first free time we had I persuaded my mom to go with me, haha.  The space was small but packed with beautiful macarons and other desserts.  The white, glossy display cases and interior really made all of the pretty colors of the desserts stand out.  The boutique felt a little intimidating to walk into at first, but the store employees were really nice and helpful, even offering samples of some hazelnut cookies while we were looking around.


We got a box of the following macaron flavors:
 - Macaron Infiniment Jasmin
- Macaron Infiniment Rose
- Macaron Celeste
- Macaron Chocolate Amer
- Infiniment Vanille
- Infiniment Caramel
- Macaron Envie

These macarons were clearly beautiful to look at, but they were DELICIOUS as well!  Each one had a strong flavor without tasting artificial or too sweet, and they really nailed each of the different flavors.  I wish I could've made more than one visit and I definitely want to go back, especially with all of the desserts and the cafe there!