Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Shatter by OPI

When I first heard about the OPI Black Shatter nail polish, I thought it seemed like a really neat idea for getting some texture on your nails along with the regular nail polish you currently use.  I was pretty hell-bent on buying this at Ulta with one of their weekly coupons, but unfortunately the store by me was out of this product for a while.  Eventually though, they had them in stock and I was excited to try it out!

I don't have any photos of the final result - mainly because I tried to take them but they never really came out that great.  I did try it with a pretty bright pink nail polish underneath, so it's sort of like the one on the tag in the photo (above).  A few notes about this product:

- The polish dries v. v. quickly! 
- Going along with the quick drying time, I didn't put enough on the first go-around, and therefore there wasn't as much of a "shatter" effect.  I re-applied another coat which worked better on some nails more than others.
- In my opinion, this polish effect works best with a light, bright shade underneath, so you get the maximum effect of the black crackle look. 

Overall I'm happy that I got it - I won't be using it for every single manicure I give myself, but it's a fun product to try out!


  1. ahhh I really want to try the white version of the shatter polish! (: i think it looks really fun ^^

  2. @mimi: Hope you get the white one soon!

    @Maris: Thank you!