Wednesday, June 15, 2011

San Francisco Visit - Dinner at Incanto Restaurant

One of the main places on my San Francisco to-do list was Incanto restaurant - I am a huge fan of Chef Chris Cosentino, and pork, yummmmmmm.  He is on a good number of Food Network programs and I've always thought of him as funny and a generally cool guy to hang out with, haha. 


We started off with a nice bread plate.  I really liked the herb-rubbed pieces that you can see in the top of the photo.

We decided to split a few plates, starting with this dish that included asparagus and a soft-boiled egg.  I liked how the soft-boiled egg yolk added extra richness to the greens on the plate.

For our second dish we went with one of the day's specials, which included grilled bread topped with bacon, bacon marmalade, onions, and a fried egg.  This was definitely really rich but super delicious.  It was like breakfast on delicious, delicious steroids.  Each of the components enhanced the others, and it was really fantastic!

For our third dish, we went with a half portion of the handkerchief pasta and rustic pork ragu.  This was a seemingly simple but really delicious plate of pasta, with the slippery noodles catching little bits of pork and sauce- soooooo good!

So obviously the food was fantastic- but the best part was meeting chef Chris Cosentino!  To be honest, I had noticed on Twitter earlier that week that he was in Vegas for an event, and assumed that he would not be in Incanto the night that we were at dinner.  Luckily for me, I literally ran into him expediting dishes on my walk back from the restroom, haha.  He was really nice and chatted with us for a while about the restaurant scene in DC, since he used to live and work there before.  It was a great way to end a delicious dinner - anyone that is a fan of pork (and offal) should come here for sure!

1550 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94131


  1. I'm hungry! Looks delicious!

  2. Oh how cool that you got to meet him! You look great! =D

  3. @Shannon: I know I want some now, haha!

    @SNC: Thanks! I was so excited!