Monday, June 13, 2011

San Francisco Visit - In-n-Out Burger

Can't have a trip to the West Coast without a visit to In-N-Out Burger!!!

Here we have my burger and K's burger and fries - I love the retro feel of all In-N-Out restaurants, even down to the way the burgers are wrapped up.  Is this the best burger in the world? No, not necessarily, but the ingredients taste fresh, and it's a great choice among fast food burgers.  It also helps that the employees are a far cry from normal surly fast food restaurant employees, haha.

I took this opportunity to order a "secret menu" item- the Neopolitan shake.  Since their shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, ordering it Neopolitan is just a combo of all three, haha.  But what I really liked about this one is that the guy making this for me didn't just layer one flavor on top of another, but rather swirled in each flavor, alternating a little of all three for the shake.  It made for a tasty milkshake for sure! 

The "secret menu" items have long been publicized and are not-so-secret in reality, but it's still fun to order stuff that's technically off the menu.  Serious Eats did a crazy post where they tried every "secret menu" option in one visit, check it out here.

In-N-Out San Francisco
333 Jefferson
San Francisco, CA 94133


  1. This looks too darn good!Wish I had one right now!

  2. yummyyy I love in-n-out!~ I love ordering off the not-so-secret menu XD animal style fries!! (:

  3. @Maris: Me too! Haha

    @mimi: Yummm, sounds delicious!